Coffee so good, you don't need cream and sugar

Our coffee is roasted to order, always shipped fresh, and is never pre-ground. We do that to make sure our customers only get the best possible coffee - ensuring you never need to use cream and sugar to enjoy your morning cup.

Coffee with a Fighting Spirt

Ground Shark Coffee is roasted in Colorado with a hefty dose of good ol' American fighting spirit.

We stand for everyday fighters. Those of you who wake up, day in and day out, and fight your everyday battles. You're our reason for roasting organically grown coffee we know you'll love. So what are you waiting for?
With us in your corner, you can't lose.

Get Energized
My wife and I love it. We've tried three different roasts of yours and I don't think I'll buy coffee from anyone else ever again.


Just made my first cup and I detect none of the normal bitterness that makes me reach for the creamer. Excellent coffee, guys!


I'm gonna be real pissed if I ever forget to reorder before I run out.
Seriously, it's phenomenal.