How Ground Shark Coffee is Fighting The Coronavirus

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As the COVID-19 virus bounces around the world, I want to share with you all the steps we're taking to fight back.

Last Thursday, I stumbled onto some research that shows that coffee exhibits antiviral properties and could possibly slow the spread of the virus. That blew my mind, so we started a 20% off sale to get coffee out there to you all. The outpouring of support and the sheer volume of orders - especially in the first few days - was staggering. We really appreciate all of you and I'm stoked that you all took the opportunity to stock up and prepare.

I want to let you know that we are strictly adhering to CDC and WHO guidelines to keep our roasting and packaging equipment clean. This means continuous sanitizing of our roasting and packaging equipment and frequent wipedowns of the roastery.

We're keeping our end safe so that you know that even though the world may be all over the place, you know that your coffee is safe, consistent, and delicious.

These days, it doesn't feel like there's much you can count on. But you can count on us.

Stay safe out there, people. We're all in this together.


1 comment

  • Jonathan

    Hell yeah. The amount of coffee I drink I’ve gotta be immune to just about everything.

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