How to Make Cold Brew Ground Shark Coffee

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As it warms up, it's about time to get ready for the summer months.

Cold Brew coffee, made with your favorite Ground Shark Coffee roast, is the perfect way to cool off on warm afternoon.

The following recipe - and the above photo - comes from our good friend Fiona Ko (you can find her on Instagram @fionakojj).

Cold Brew
Makes roughly 12 Oz.
Preparation time <10 min
2 cups (16 oz) water
3/4 cup (6 fl oz) of your favorite Ground Shark Coffee beans
French Press
1. Measure out and grind the coffee beans in a food processor. You will want a course grind. The grinds should be fairly large like short grain rice. 
2. Measure out the water. Use the best water you have. Bottled spring water works best. You can also use filtered water from a home filter.
3. Add the coffee beans to your coffee press and add water. 
4. Give it a quick stir and cover and place in the refrigerator overnight. 
5. Push plunger down slowly and pour cold brew into a container. Keep in refrigerator. 
6. To use, add equal parts water to Cold Brew. Add more water to desired taste and enjoy.
And there you have it!
This is a nice and easy way to make some concentrated cold brew for those hot afternoons.

Don't have a French Press?
No matter. Just fill a jug up with the same ratio of coffee and water. Follow the same instructions as above, but pour it out through a coffee filter when it's done brewing.
If you enjoy your Ground Shark Coffee Cold Brew, or have any tips or tricks to make it even better, let us know below!

1 comment

  • Matthew S Casillas

    For the cold brew recipe, I noticed it says 3/4 cup of ground coffee (2 oz). However, 3/4 of a cup is 6 oz. Which is the correct amount of coffee we should use?


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