July Contest Announcement!

July Contest Announcement!

We had an idea.

We think it's a great one.

We're running a contest.

From now until July 31, submit your best, most impressive, and funniest videos of how you like to drink your Ground Shark Coffee.

Best one gets a free bag of coffee, a t-shirt, a sticker, and a patch.

"That's awesome, guys, but how do I submit?"

Glad you asked! There's a couple ways:

  • Send it to our Facebook page: Ground Shark Coffee Co.
  • Post it on your Instagram and tag us @GroundSharkCoffeeCo
  • Post it on your twitter and tag us there @GroundSharkCC
  • Or shoot us an email at groundsharkcoffee@gmail.com

Whatever way is easiest for you.

"Awesome! What should I do?"

Great question. You could:

  • Drink your coffee while you skydive (this would probably be difficult)
  • Drink your coffee underwater (good luck with this one)
  • Drink your coffee while climbing a mountain (Everest would be neat)\
  • Snort your coffee grounds like a maniac (please don't)
  • Drink your coffee on the side of a cliff (El Capitan is a good one)
  • Drink your coffee while you strangle your favorite white belt
  • Drink your coffee out of strange objects (one guy said he might use a bear skull)
  • Drink your coffee while your friend tells funny jokes so it comes out your nose

There's all kinds of things. Take this and run with it and you might win.

We're gonna post a starter video here in a couple days when Nick gets up in the mountains or Adam gets on his sailboat. Or maybe something else ridiculous. Who knows...

Good luck, my friends.

May the craziest one win.


Please don't hurt yourself for this contest. We aren't liable for that. I'd be pretty beat up if you did. We'd have to do a sad video compilation for you. I'd rather not.


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