How to Make The Perfect Stove-Top Espresso

Check out this video sent in from our friend Goldmund from

He writes about some pretty risque stuff, but he's an artistic rebel through and through and loves to toe the line of what is "acceptable." That's why we like him.

If you didn't notice, that's our new YouTube channel. We were going to have a video about us for you to start it off, but my computer crashed as I was transferring the file and we'll have to wait a week or two for that.

If you've ever used a Moka Pot, you know that it brews a strong, gritty cup of coffee. Somewhere between an espresso and a drip coffee, it's a deliciously bold brew.

Our Brown Belt Blend is perfect for the Moka Pot, and Goldmund shows you just how to make it using a blade grinder and a gas stove.

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