Who is Ground Shark Coffee?

Ground Shark Coffee stands for something different.

Not only do we have a passion for coffee, we have a passion for
things out of the norm. The weird things, the great things. The right

The people who take their lives under their own control inspire us. People who decide enough is enough and get out there and do what their soul tells them to do, ignoring what everyone else says.

We strive to make coffee that inspires you to be the best person you can be. Coffee that gives you the morning jolt or the afternoon energy to make your dreams a reality, and tastes damn good while it's at it. Coffee that you drink while you are chasing that dream in the early mornings and the late nights.

We make coffee because we never want you to ever be too tired to
build your life in your own image. We never want our customers to think "I'm too tired for the gym" or "I wish I had the energy to work on my side business after work" or even "I'm too tired to play with my kids."

We stand for the idea that you should always have the energy you need to live life like you mean it.

Ground Shark Coffee stands for everyone who has decided to Wake Up Like We Mean It, every single day.

Ground Shark Coffee stands for making dreams a reality.

Ground Shark Coffee stands for making your dreams a reality.

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