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Ground Shark coffee has become my favorite coffee ever. I used to have to have cream and sugar but this coffee is so good, I can drink it black and there’s no hint of the bitterness that typically comes with black coffee. I love it!


I don't always drink coffee, but when I do, I make sure it's always Ground Shark. Stay caffeinated, my friends.


Ground Shark is my coffee of choice; It fueled me to creating a six-figure+ business while coaching youth sports, and leading my family. Without Ground Shark I'd likely still be sitting at my 9-5 wondering how other people have the energy to accomplish so much.



Why should I join the Ground Shark Coffee Club?

You save on every bag you order, and you get it automatically delivered to your doorstep. No more waiting in lines, wasting gas money, or having to drive to the store. Remembering to order your coffee every month is a thing of the past. Never have a groggy morning again with the Ground Shark Coffee Club!

Where is your Coffee roasted?

Our Coffee is roasted in Denver, Colorado. Our Coffee is sourced from small farms from around the world, with our first roasts originating from Brazil. Some other countries include: Ethiopia, El Salvador, Honduras, and more.

Why source coffee from small farms?

With ethical, small farm sourcing, we have more control over the specifications of the bean. We choose from microlots all over the world, mainly Brazil. This allows us to hand craft specialty beans for specific and unique roasts while also supplementing small farming communities.

Why shouldn’t I just go buy this from the store?

Store-bought coffee is already months old and stale by the time it reaches the shelf. With our Coffee Club, your coffee will be roasted-to-order, delivering the freshest and most flavorful beans possible.

Are there any cancellation fees or any hidden fees?

Never, we hate fees just as much as you do. With our Coffee Club, you get Free Shipping on every bag. Cancel or change your subscription whenever you like, no questions asked.