"Cuddles" Roast Coming Soon

We're stoked to bring you our newest release, The "Cuddles" roast.

Why name it Cuddles?

Well, our good friend Nikki "Cuddles" Sullivan just received her jiu-jitsu black belt from Andre Galvao a couple months ago. This is a celebration of that amazing achievement, and a wonderful reason to bring a new and different coffee to the table.

Nikki has a whole list of jiu-jitsu accolades to her name, and is already winning at black belt:

Black Belt:
Portland Open Double Gold
Pan Championship Bronze

Brown Belt:
Masters World Champion, Double Gold
American National Champion (gi and nogi)
3x Nogi Pans Champion
F2W Title Holder for Gi and Nogi
World Championship Bronze Medalist

Nikki is coming to Denver in a couple weeks to put on a seminar and share her BJJ magic (RSVP here) and we're releasing the coffee at the seminar.

The coffee is a phenomenal Ethiopian that brings a new and different flavor to the table. It's a bit fruity with some dark chocolate and a hint of walnut. It's definitely different than anything we've released so far and we're positive you're gonna love it.

Pre-orders are now live and will be shipped out worldwide on the 16th of July.

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