The Bigfoot Brawl - A Rousing Success

Last Saturday (March 29), Adam and I took a trip from Denver down to Colorado Springs.

We set up a table at the Bigfoot Brawl (a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament), hosted by Pike's Peak Grappling. We tried to get there early but snow held us up. Anyway, we made it down, set up for the refs to have some before the long day started, and then spent all day slinging coffee to coaches, competitors, and workers alike.

We had an absolute blast. The BJJ community is a fantastic, friendly crowd of people. We made some new friends, caught up with some old ones, and made sure everyone who needed caffeine got some.

And after the work day was done, Nick hopped in the blue belt absolute division and took gold!

It was a great day for us, especially the part where we got to see old friends.

If you are a member of a promotion and want some coffee at an event - be it a BJJ tournament or any other event - please reach out! We love going to events and meeting new crowds of people.

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