Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is Coffee Good for Me?

A: Actually, yes. Specifically, black coffee. Coffee is full of antioxidants and also has some antiviral properties. It's even been correlated with a lower all-cause mortality rate!

Q: When was Ground Shark Coffee founded?

A: Our first day in operation was August 18, 2018.

Q: Why should I buy whole bean coffee?

A: Whole bean coffee stays fresh for longer. Ground coffee starts to taste stale within three days of grinding. By the time it gets to you, it's already stale! We refuse to grind our coffee for that reason.

A lot of store-bought coffee has a "fresh by" date on it that's months after roasting. Even worse - you see that on ground coffee! The thing is, you can start to tell a difference in flavor after about a week for full bean. After two or three weeks, there's a marked lack of complexity and the coffee begins to pick up a woody flavor. If you see a "Fresh By" date on your coffee that's further than a few weeks past the roasting date, they're lying to you.

Q: I want to try your coffee, but I don't have a grinder!?

A: That's okay! We sell grinders here. It's a great little hand grinder that will last you for a long, long time if you take care of it. We even sell it in a starter pack with a pourover, filters, and a trial pack of our coffees.

Q: Do you roast fresh to order?

A: We do! We roast every Sunday and fill all of the last week's orders at that time. You might have to wait a bit for your coffee, but it's always fresh and well worth the wait.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my coffee?

A: We roast every Sunday to fill the last week's orders. That way, we always know our product is accounted for and that our customers are all getting the freshest coffee possible. We'll occasionally have a bag or two leftover and we'll ship that when the order comes in. But 90% of the time, your bag will come your way late in the week after you put your order in (i.e. If you order Thursday, your coffee will be roasted Sunday, tested Monday, and shipped Tuesday. It'll get to you that Friday or Saturday).

Q: Can I subscribe?

A: You sure can! We offer subscriptions to all of our main line of coffee. You can select 12oz or 5lb bags, and can decide how often you want them - anywhere from 1-6 weeks.

Q: What's wrong with cream and sugar!?

A: We believe that your morning coffee should be so good that it doesn't need either. If you have to dump a bunch of additional things in your coffee to enjoy it, then you've been lied to. Specialty coffee is incredibly complex and - like wine - has many different profiles and can be vastly different between different beans and roasts. We strive to bring out the best of each bean so that you can truly enjoy your coffee how it's meant to be enjoyed.

Now, if you want cream and sugar (or anything else!) anyway, that's fine. Our favorite things to add to coffee are cinnamon, cardamom, and local honey.

Q: What is a "Ground Shark"?

A: The term comes from an old BJJ quote:

The ground is my ocean, I am the shark, and most people don't even know how to swim.

We ran with the quote and came up with Ground Shark. If you're aggressive, know what you want, and are willing to fight for what you believe in, we consider you a shark - and a friend.

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