Frequently Asked Questions

We roast once a week, every Thursday. At that time, we roast enough for all of our current orders and our best estimate for the next week. We usually pack and ship on Friday or Saturday, and you can expect your coffee early the following week.

Whole bean coffee is at it's freshest about 24-48 hours after roasting. It then stays very fresh for the next few weeks, then after that it stays pretty stable for a few months.

Ground coffee goes stale much faster, but it's hard to beat the convenience of it!

Oh no! That's our fault, shoot us an email with your order number and what you received and we'll get you taken care of.

Most of our coffee is not certified organic. That said, most of our coffee is organically grown, we just can't advertise it as organic because we didn't pay a whole bunch of money for the certification.

We do everything we can to not only hit the fair trade standard but to exceed it by a massive margin. We buy farm and co-op direct as much as possible and are actively working to cut out as many middle men as we can so that we can pay our farmers more and give you a better price.

We'd love to chat! Shoot us an email at with "Wholesale" in the subject line and we'll get the ball rolling.