Blue Belt Blend

Blue Belt Blend

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12 oz. Bag

Roast Level: Medium

The White Belt has been promoted! Now this is the Blue Belt Blend.

We roast and blend this 100% Brazilian Coffee to perfection to bring out the round body, caramel taste, and fruity character of the beans. We've tested and refined this brew time and again to ensure that it makes a cup of coffee so smooth and clean that you'll find yourself brewing another pot before you know it.

This is the coffee that you enjoy black while you watch the sunrise and get ready to attack your day.

Note: We sell all of our coffee as whole bean. This is to ensure the freshest and highest-quality cup of coffee possible.

We roast our coffee once a week and fill all of the last week's orders at that time. That way, we ensure nothing but the freshest beans get delivered to your doorstep. If you have to wait a bit longer, that's why!

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